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Interested in the intersection between arts and technology, in 2003 decided to study Electronic Art in ESDI and focused on interactive installations. Became a instructor of the syllabus of Interactive Installations in the same university for three years, teaching software tools like Max/Msp and Processing.

In 2005 co-established Cuatic a creative advertising company specialised in the development of physical interaction. Creating media technology solutions for two years. In 2009 co-founded Lummo, a small studio developing new media architecture, interactive installations and active spaces. As a result of the work in interactive advertising won several prizes in different festivals, some of them are El Sol Festival, New York Festival, Laus and Europrix.

In 2008 worked in Ars Electronica Futurelab as a creative engineer. Also worked as a engineer for a variety of interactive art installations, electroacoustic concerts and theatre pieces under the direction of stablished artists. Simultaneously built a career in the artistic scene, exhibiting in many countries around the world, most of the times for media arts organizations like FILE, MedialabPrado, SonarBaltan LaboratoriesPiksel, Le Fresnoy, Glow or STRP.

In 2015 obtained a PhD at NTNU under the supervision of Andrew Perkis and Aud Sissel Hoel. Resulting in the list publications. During that period, in 2013 visited the University of Tokyo at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory as special research student.

Since 2016 working at Exvision Corporation as software design engineer, involved in the development of the HSVSDK, a software development kit for the High Speed Vision platform.



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